Rehabilitation for children and adolescents

Mother-and-child treatment

The Klinik Schönsicht Berchtesgaden is located in one of Germany's most beautiful landscapes. It lies on the south-facing slope of the Kälberstein in the foothills of the Alpine National Park and its lofty peaks Hoher Göll, Hohes Brett, Jenner, Funtenseetauern, Watzmann and Hochkalter with its blue-ice glacier.

The house, with its dignified alpine-style architecture, is optimally suited to offer a temporary home for children, adolescents and accompanying adults. Here modern medicine and its technology are on hand to provide support in a stress-free atmosphere.

In accordance with the characteristics of a specialized clinic, the integrative approach to treatment is of primary importance forall patients (children, adolescents , adults). Medical, psychological, pedagogical and socio-pedagogical objectives are balanced out and combined into an overall treatment plan, which takes into account each patients individual requirements.

Individually balanced therapies, healthy climate and brine from the mountains, psychological and pedagogical support measures, all these, in a natural way,stimulate the self-healing powers of the organism. The demands of the therapy are counterbalanced by relaxing conversations in groups, by games and sports, arts and crafts, and various other leisure time activities.

Our philosophy is best described as creating a humane clinic. All our efforts aim at helping each individual patient to find the way back to the sources of his strength and to learn to cope with his or her illness.

Experiencing nature in a unique setting opens the paths to inner harmony. This unique natural setting was praised long ago by the poet and writer Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920):

»Oh Lord, Thou givest to those whom Thou lovest, a place in this fair land.«