House Rosetti

The Villa Rosetti was built around 1900 by a Bulgarian ambassador. The magnificent location permits an unobstructed view over the valley and Alpine mountains of Berchtesgaden.

All rooms are equipped with an emergency call device. There are suitable rooms and spaces for one-to-one and group activities and/or individual and group therapy, functional diagnosis, physiotherapy and exercise therapy, therapeutic pedagogy and arts and crafts therapy, gymnasium, swimming pool, sauna and solarium, as well as the clinic’s own school.

In the years 2001/2002 the house was completely converted, renovated and enlarged. Most of the exterior walls, however, remained untouched

Today the Villa Rosetti disposes of 11 mother-and-child apartments for 2-6 persons. The winter garden lounge ensures a cozy atmosphere during leisure time hours. The house also has a children’s play corner, an exercise room, a dietary training kitchen for adiposity patients, and the baths area with massage, fango, brine baths, Kneipp-method area, and different medicinal baths

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