Klinik Schönsicht

Concept of treatment of the Klinik Schönsicht Berchtesgaden

The Klinik Schönsicht is a rehabilitation clinic for children and adolescents and for mother-and-child therapies. The clinic is also accredited for follow-up treatment in the same age groups.

Patients may be children and adolescents and accompanying adults. The clinic is located in the Berchtesgaden area, renowned for its climatic health spas; it lies on the south-facing slope of the Oberkälberstein in the midst of high-alpine mountains.

The high-alpine climate, low in allergens and in pollution, and the local medicinal brine are particularly beneficial to patients suffering from mite allergies, diseases of the respiratory tracts, and skin diseases.

Training the patients, enhancing their health and academic performance, helps them to understand and cope with the handicaps resulting from their illness.These measures presuppose a thorough analysis and holistic view of each patient, taking into consideration the effects of the illness in each individual case, and problems of a personal, familial and psycho-social nature. A team of therapists, directed by a medical specialist and experienced in teamwork, guarantees the fine adjustment of the treatment with regard to the pre-arranged goals of rehabilitation. The patient is considered to be a partner who must be motivated to cooperate actively.

The patient is the partner, together with whom the rehabilitation goals must be revised again and again. The main goals are to enable the patient to cope as well as possible with all his individual handicaps, and to stabilize the patient's health for as long a duration as possible.