Treatment program

Medical treatment

At the Klinik Schönsicht diagnostics and therapies follow mainstream medicine. In accordance with the patients requirements, the clinic specializes in the fields of pneumology and allergology, sports medicine and rehabilitation medicine, as well as general and social pediatrics.

Patients are placed in groups and assigned to different physicians. The doctor's job is to develop and define for each patient his or her individual therapy program, based on medical and socio. therapeutic criteria, taking into consideration the range of medical, socio-pedagogical and socio-psychological measures that are available in the disciplines involved in the therapy. All measures are coordinated through regular case conferences. Treatment with medication is provided where necessary.

For the rest, the basic approach to the therapy is behavioral, since an essential part of the indications belongs to the field of illnesses dependent on behavior or requires secondary and tertiary prevention. Consultants of all branches of specialization are locally available.