The complex problems of children and adolescents with chronic illnesses necessitate a long-term therapy plan that takes into consideration all decisive influencing factors.

In order to ensure a successful treatment, various processes are set in motion while the patient is still in the clinic:
contact with the physicians, psychologists and other specialists who will continue the treatment; contact also with the staff of youth welfare and social welfare offices, with information centers of health insurance companies and other institutions.

We believe in goal-oriented activation of avenues for further treatment and alternative measures as an important means of ensuring a successful treatment.

The patient's stay in the clinic is concluded with extensive consultations, during which the parents are given full information on all medical, pedagogical and psychological matters. Informational material and concise doctor's letters are handed out in writing. Follow-up enquiries are carried out at certain intervals.

As a general rule, all parents are offered the possibility of a consultation by telephone for the period following the stay at the clinic