Treatment program

Pedagogical care

Pre-school children are cared for during the week on a half-day basis in the kindergarten belonging to the clinic. School children and adolescents without accompanying parent receive pedagogical care in groups. Care encompasses everyday arrangements in the clinic, personal assistance and leisure time activities. Pedagogical group care is part of the patient's complete treatment plan.

The program includes systematic observation and documentation of the patient's behavior, pedagogical and socio-pedagogical support measures in managing the chronic disease and pedagogical assistance in dealing with problematic situations which constitute a further burden for the child.. The program aims at developing a new feeling of self-worth and at upgrading individual capabilities.
The pedagogical measures are integrated into the medical and psychological programs through regular case conferences and team meetings..

The psychological support program is complemented by group sessions for social competence training. The therapeutic pedagogy is complemented by creative activities in the fields of music and the fine arts, the sports therapy by excursions, hikes and games involving physical activity. General basic health education forms part of pedagogical group care.